Scylla, a transformative security and surveillance company utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify acts of violence and the correlating behaviors leading to violence, has added technology veteran, Tulani Bulford, Senior Partner, Portland Lane Capital to Advisory Board. Mr. Bulford will provide guidance and expertise on the future development of Scylla products and services, technologies utilized, and expansion into the Middle East, African, and Caribbean territories. Mr. Bulford is a technology veteran with more than 20 years of experience with growth-stage companies in emerging markets primarily focused on telecom, IoT, energy, and cybersecurity.

“Tulani Bulford is joining Scylla at a critical time in the company,” said Albert Stepanyan, Founder and CEO of Scylla. “Mr. Bulford’s expertise and guidance is important for Scylla and we are thrilled he has joined us. The rise in violent and terroristic acts around the world are well documented. His experience in helping growth stage companies execute and provide solutions for the United States and areas of the world stricken by these violent acts will help Scylla prevent and possibly save human lives.”

Scylla is a SaaS security and surveillance technology deployed via cloud or on-premise utilizing AI and ML to identify acts of violence before they occur. Scylla is able to proactively identify guns, knives, acts of conflict that can result in violence, and the individuals who commit the act, for corporations, businesses, and individuals. Image and facial recognition capabilities give Scylla customers and law enforcement authorities the ability to identify, not only the weapon or conflict but also the individual who performs the act and can communicate it to the proper authorities and security services.  

“Scylla is a transformative company. They are rooted in innovation and addressing security concerns that affect people, companies, and organizations daily,” said Tulani Bulford.  “I am excited about our ability to move the company forward and introduce the Scylla to law enforcement agencies, political organizations, public venues, schools and universities, and transportation authorities to provide a higher standard of public safety for all. Technology should be used to prevent acts of terror in all areas.”

Scylla is a security and surveillance platform providing preventative threat detection, vehicle identification and tracking, and Smart Suspect Identification System (SSIS) through modern AI-based technology with machine learning capabilities to provide legal authorities, enforcement agencies, and businesses and corporations to prevent threats and provide additional intelligence. For more information, please visit us at


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