We are delighted to announce that Scylla has recently signed a partnership agreement with Milestone Systems, a global leading provider of open platform video management software. Milestone Systems provides world-leading IP-based video management solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Milestone Systems’ open and independent VMS platform helps protect people and assets and enables their customers to optimize business processes. The partnership with Milestone Systems is a new start to another promising cooperation as a result of which we will provide better user experience for our existing and new customers, as well as the seamless integration of Scylla will enhance the activities. 

Scylla is a modern AI-based protective intelligence suite that enhances operational activities of law enforcement in the following 3 main ways: PTD-preventive threat detection, VIT-vehicle identification, and tracking, SSIS-smart suspect identification system.

What Scylla actually does is helping its customers and law enforcement agencies in identifying possible acts of violence before they happen, prevent crimes and encourage discipline due to its unique capability of image and facial recognition. This system gives 99% accuracy as a result of which it can drastically reduce response time. The underlying engine of the platform of Scylla is based on Deep Content Understanding technology. The AI-based platform comprises a combination of Machine Learning methodologies to recognize all visual aspects of the video. 

As mentioned above, Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform video management software and has numerous customers whose feedback regarding its usability and user experience is greatly positive. Scylla is integrated into Milestone Systems providing one-click deployment. Users can download it from the Milestone Marketplace and get seamless user experience. And those customers who are already accustomed to Milestone Systems functionality will make use of Scylla features without changing the existing user experience.

Scylla partner in Milestone Systems Roy Band says they are excited to have Scylla onboard in their Technology Partner Program and on the Milestone Marketplace. 

‘’We are in a continuous search of new partnerships that bring new cutting-edge technologies to the Milestone Systems platform to create additional value for our customers and Scylla is a perfect fit in this regard’’. 

Our CEO Albert Stepanyan says that this partnership is going to make Scylla reach even further than it is now and improve the lives of security providers further.


For more information, feel free to contact Albert Stepanyan.

Phone: +4 917 08 930 472  (Germany), +1 (213) 947-9794 (USA)

Email: albert@develandoo.com

For more information on the product: www.scylla.ai